Feature Film Synopsis

John Monash had the most unlikely beginnings of an Australian icon. The son of poor Jewish-Prussian immigrants in colonial Australia, Monash was bought up in a small country town. After he is noticed at an early age for his academic prowess, his family moves him to Melbourne to be given an accelerated education and this results in early success as an engineer, lawyer and citizen soldier. In 1914 the British Empire put up the call to arms and Monash and the ANZACS head off to war. Monash’s 4th brigade lands at Gallipoli where he immediately is confronted with his own limitations and the limitations of his commanders. In an effort to never repeat those days of slaughter he meticulously reviews his tactics and overcomes his own weaknesses by injecting a level of innovation, imagination and audacity into his leadership style that captures the imagination of all who serve with him, the King of England and the Allied forces senior Command. This is not without controversy.


Monash faces much criticism and anti-Semitism from other Allied commanders and politicians for his unorthodox methods. This includes an attempt by the Prime Minister at having him removed from his command and even being accused by senior officials of being a German spy.


When the allies are overrun in the German push in March 1918, with the British and French army in complete retreat, the British War Office had virtually given up all hope. However, despite facing prejudice at every turn, General Monash and his beloved Australian Imperial Force, against all odds, rise with a string of miraculous victories to help the Allies drive the Germans back, bringing an end to World War 1 and marking General John Monash’s place as one of the most revered military Generals in history.

“The General will be a feature film about the life and legacy of Sir General John Monash”
Monash is the first General to be knighted on the battlefield in 200 years by the King of England. He is also the first Jewish General to command a National Army since 132 A.D

The film will be mainly focused on Monash’s achievements during World War 1. The producers and writer of the script are working closely with Australian military experts to portray Sir General John Monash’s life as accurately as possible, whilst making a commercial Hollywood Blockbuster film.

Our Senior Military Consultant on the script is Brigadier Mick Moon, DSC, AM (RTD) and one of our lead producers is veteran producer James M. Vernon who was the Executive Producer of Mel Gibson’s critically acclaimed “HACKSAW RIDGE” which won two Oscars and was nominated in an impressive 5 categories at the Academy Awards including Best Picture. (HACKSAW RIDGE was a World War 2 film set in Japan but filmed in NSW, Australia.  This film was made on a budget of AUD $55M and has grossed over AUD $190M at the World Wide Box Office). 

“The General will be a feature film about the life and legacy of Sir General John Monash”
“The General will be a feature film about the life and legacy of Sir General John Monash”